Friday, September 16, 2011

Free Friday: Deerhoof -"99% Upset Feeling"

Deerhoof are set to tour this fall and in anticipation, they have released the live album 99% Upset Feeling as a free download on their website. The 11-track album features awesome improv-heavy live takes of "The Merry Barracks" and "Behold A Marvel In The Darkness" from their most recent album Deerhoof vs. Evil and "Offend Maggie", "Fresh Born" and The Tears And Music Of Love" from the album Offend Maggie. Other highlights include longtime favorites "Flower" and "The Perfect Me". Download the album and then go check them out on tour!

Download 99% Upset Feeling here:

Download the album version of "The Merry Barracks" from Deerhoof vs. Evil here:

For tour dates and more info click here:


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