Thursday, September 01, 2011

Canon Logic - "Rapid Empire" EP

Brooklyn five-piece Canon Logic quickly return with the Rapid Empire EP, their follow up to last year’s debut album FM Arcade. The new EP released this week on NYC label Engine Room Recordings, consists of five instantly catchy and energetic indie-pop songs that expand on the sound they established on their debut with an emphasis on guitars rather than the piano this time around.

“Sirens” opens the album with a rubbery bass line and a pounding, danceable beat that flashes back to early 80’s post-punk and New Wave, and soaring vocal melodies on the arena-sized chorus. The super poppy title track “Rapid Empire (Am I M.I.A.)” stands out with a percussion-led rhythm and the catchiest chorus you will hear all year, with the repeated refrain of “Am I M.I.A.”. “Howl In The Night” features a primal energy with tumbling, tom-heavy drums and psychedelic swirls of background vocals that will have you howling along. The piano-led “No Domino” opens with hand drums and a fat vintage organ, leaving enough space to highlight frontman Tim Kiely’s crystal clear vocals that are reminiscent of Nate from Cold War Kids. The EP closes with the flickering guitar licks, strutting bass, striking piano chords and anthemic chorus of “Dungeon Fallout”.

Rapid Empire shows a band at the top of their game with forward-charging anthems that do not rely on bombastic pastiche and have an infectious spirit.

Download "Howl in the Night" and get more info here:


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