Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Active Child - "You Are All I See"

Active Child, the electro-pop project of Pat Grossi, is set to release the highly-anticipated debut album You Are All I See today on Vagrant Records. Like light refracting through stained glass windows, Pat creates music that is vivid, inspiring, and intimate on his debut album.

The album opens with plucks of angelic harp and Grossi’s choirboy vocals floating above ambient synths on the dreamy and transcending title track, “You Are All I See”. “Hanging On” is ethereal and atmospheric with an R&B beat, cascading keyboards and an enveloping choir of beautiful voices that come from every angle. The first single, “Playing House”, a stunning vocal collaboration with Tom Krell of like-minded bedroom-R&B project How To Dress Well, features a danceable beat that could easily have been in rotation on late 80’s or early 90’s FM radio. The moody and ambient “See Thru Eyes” sounds like the perfect soundtrack to an underwater diving scene. “High Priestess” battles gravity and wins with light-weight synths and feathery falsetto crooning that never once touches down to Earth. The mostly instrumental “Ivy” climbs to a cinematic crescendo and with little vocal assistance. “Way Too Fast” is haunting yet hymnal with rafters-reaching vocals and 80’s-inspired synths on the stand out track. And “Johnny Belinda” closes out the album like it opened, in a dream-state, with shimmering, trance-inducing washes of keyboards and chiming bells. Also included on the digital version is the exclusive b-side "Call Me Tonight" and a psychedelic remix of "Hanging On" by White Sea.

On You Are All I See, Active Child has expounded greatly on the blissful bedroom pop found on last year’s excellent Curtis Lane EP with a debut that seems destined to be a benchmark for the genre for years to come.

Download "Playing House" here: http://s3.amazonaws.com/site-images.vagrant.com/audio_items/293/03_Playing_House.mp3

For more info click here: http://activechildmusic.com/ and http://www.vagrant.com/


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