Wednesday, August 10, 2011

3 Songs: On Repeat

1. Pepper Rabbit - "Murder Room" (By fusing both electronic and organic aspects, the duo of Luc Laurent and Xander Singh create a bouncy, infectious and psychedelic brand of indie-pop on their debut album, Red Velvet Snowball, out now on Kanine Records.)


2. The Horrors - "Moving Further Away" (The UK band's third album Skying delivers on the promise of their mind-blowing, genre-shifting 2009 album Primary Colors. The new album is a technicolor blur of danceable beats, haunting psychedelics, and vintage synths while retaining a slight 60's garage-rock edge.)


3. Being There - "Tomorrow" (Summery first single from the mysterious London-based lo-fi power-pop band brings the 90's back. Currently at work on their debut with producer Richard Formby, who has also produced for Wild Beasts. Hear more at their Bandcamp page.)



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