Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Scream The Prayer Tour 2011

There will be no album review today because I will be attending the Scream The Prayer Tour today. I will worship my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ while listening to some spirit-filled hardcore from Sleeping Giant, Close Your Eyes, Texas In July and The Chariot and the double-pedal Jesus Metal of War Of Ages! Norma Jean, I The Breather, The Great Commission, As Hell Retreats and Sovereign Strength round out the excellent lineup for the all day fest!

The Top 5 Songs I hope to hear today are:

1. Sleeping Giant - "Eyes Wide Open"

2. Close Your Eyes - "Song For The Broken"

3. The Chariot - "Daggers"

4. Texas In July - "One Reality"

5. War Of Ages - "The Fallen"

Check out http://www.screamtheprayer.com/ for tour dates in your area.

Download Texas In July - "Magnolia" here: http://media.equalvision.com/evr192/TexasInJuly-Magnolia.mp3

Download Close Your Eyes - "17:20" here: http://www.victoryrecords.com/download.php?f=Q2xvc2VZb3VyRXllc1NvbmdGb3JUaGVCcm9rZW4=

For more info click here: http://www.facedownrecords.com/, http://www.aintnograverecords.com/, http://www.solidstaterecords.com/, http://www.equalvision.com/, http://www.victoryrecords.com/, http://www.goodfightmusic.com/, and http://www.sumerianrecords.com/


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