Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vetiver - "The Errant Charm"

Vetiver songwriter Andy Cabic’s lushly layered folk-leaning pop is on display yet again with the Sub Pop release of The Errant Charm, their fifth album, out today.

A glowing haze of vintage keyboards and a steady stride propel the six and a half minute opener “It’s Beyond Me”. The glistening “Worse For Wear” features an insistent beat and ringing piano notes as the liquid melodies wash over you. “Can’t You Tell” stands out with a hop-scotching electronic beat and sun-drenched guitars and the breezy “Hard To Break”, with it’s velvety vocal harmonies both make for the perfect soundtrack for Summer. “Fog Emotion” could fit right in on a 70’s light rock station between Jackson Browne and James Taylor. Another standout, “Right Away” is a breezy rocker with a pretty string and vocal arrangement, featuring background vocals from friend and label mate Eric Johnson of the Fruit Bats. The upbeat “Wonder Why” features intertwining guitar and piano lines with a dirt road guitar solo and a catchy, sing-along chorus. “Ride, Ride, Ride” features background vocals from Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice along with a hip-shaking, country-rock swagger. The album closes with the excellent, slower-paced and affecting “Faint Praise” and the hypnotic ambiance of the aptly titled “Soft Glass”.

With The Errant Charm, the album’s charm is not as elusive as its title might suggest because Andy has created another smooth album with some of his most poppy and rocking songs yet.

Download "Wonder Why" here: http://assets2.subpop.com/assets/audio/9542.mp3

For more info click here: http://vetiverse.com/ and www.subpop.com


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