Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yourself and The Air - "Who's Who In The Zoo" EP

Chicago trio Yourself and The Air create an organic blend of intricate and dreamy indie rock with spacey atmospherics on their excellent fourth EP Who’s Who In The Zoo, released today on their new label Lujo Records.

Shimmering synths and guitars intertwine seamlessly on opener “Trampolines” before punchy processed pizzicato strings and sweeping melodies take over for a dreamy nostalgic trip. Standout track “Sick Days” features chiming glockenspiel and layers of memorable melodies covering every inch of space. The hazy “Bon Voyage” is driven by twinkling, trance-inducing keyboards and a pounding rhythm. Another standout, “Bicycles Plus” opens with harmonica that sounds like it was recorded underwater, rising and falling synths and an off-kilter beat along with lyrics that were inspired by the movie E.T., bringing a sense of child-like enthusiasm. “Colors Alive” is as colorful as its name suggests with an infectious James Mercer-like vocal melody and glimmering guitars. “Ice Age” features muted, tom-heavy drumming and an icy, atmosphere made up of thin guitar lines floating above synth-pad crescendos. And the EP closes with the soaring sing-along chrous and crashing drums of “The Oracle”.

The band has been touring constantly and gliding under the radar for far too long and the Who’s Who At The Zoo EP, should finally gain them the attention they deserve.

Download "Sick Days" here: http://www.tellallyourfriendspr.com/singles/yata_sickdays.mp3

For more info click here: www.myspace.com/yourselfandtheair and http://www.lujorecords.com/


Anonymous Molly said...

So excited about YATA's EP!! Been waiting at least a few months for this. And now they'll be following it up with a tour? Couldn't get any better. These guys definitely put on a great show. Can't wait til they make it to the East Coast next month.

1:37 PM  

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