Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sloan - "The Double Cross"

A lot of bands that are celebrating their 20th anniversary seem to try in vain to recapture their old glory but not so with Sloan. In fact, they have never lost it as they continue to churn out consistently great records while remaining true to their retro-informed power-pop sound. Out today on Yep Roc Records is The Double Cross, Sloan’s new album and tenth of their long career.

Album opener and first single, “Follow The Leader” bounces along with pumping organ before shifting gears with pounding piano that fades into the next song, “The Answer Was You”, with its sweet harmonies and soaring strings. The upbeat “Unkind” stands out with a crunchy riff and an anthemic shout-along chorus complete with handclaps. “Shadow Of Love” has an early rock-n-roll feel mixed with vintage organs and chiming guitars as a perfect picture of their ability to sound retro without a stitch of pastiche. The stellar Beatles-esque melodies on “She’s Slowin’ Down Again” rivals the best tracks from their breakout album One Chord To Another. The reflective “Green Gardens, Cold Montreal” slows down the pace with acoustic guitar and beautiful melodies. The second half of the album explodes with “It’s Plain To See”, featuring jangly guitars, a shuffling beat, as well as a super catchy chorus and a spacey guitar solo. “I’ve Gotta Know” is a short burst of punk-influenced power-pop bliss. The piano-led “Beverley Terrace” features a nodding beat and New Wave-inspired guitar and synth lines. And the laid back charm of “Laying So Low” closes out the album with an assured, warm feeling.

Straight-forward and as infectious as ever, The Double Cross is easily one of Sloan’s best albums and a testament to their stellar, ever-fresh four-songwriter approach. Check out the album and help them celebrate 20 years and hopefully 20 more!

Download “Follow the Leader”

For more info click here: http://www.sloanmusic.com/ and http://www.yeproc.com/


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