Friday, May 27, 2011

Free Friday: Night Moves - "Colored Emotions"

Minneapolis trio Night Moves (don’t even try to Google them, there are too many Bob Seger-themed wedding bands and nite clubs with the same name!) have just released their new album Colored Emotions as a free download through Afternoon Records.

Their brand of lo-fi indie rock is streaked with sunny psychedelic pop and a reverb-rich wall of sound, like a strange blend of Beachwood Sparks and My Bloody Valentine, for an excellent debut. Echoing drums and soaring synths collide with spacey pedal steel and banjo along with funky, falsetto crooning and breezy melodies on standout tracks, “Headlights”, “Only A Child”, “Old Friends” and “Put Out Your Shoulder”.

Make your move and check out Colored Emotions now!

Download Colored Emotions here:

For more info click here:


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