Friday, April 22, 2011

Free Friday: VISIONS - "Re: VISIONS"

Boston-based indie country band VISIONS is the project of songwriter T.J. Petracca. They have taken to Bandcamp to release their ambitious debut album Re: VISIONS as a free or pay what you want download. Pedal steel, vintage organs and lush string-filled arrangements set the tone for T.J.'s raw, emotional lyrics about the struggles of life and love, all filtered through a pop sensibility.

The album opens with "Salt Artifacts", featuring an anthemic chorus with swirling strings that will grab and hold your attention for the rest of the excellent album. The emotional weight conveyed in the seamless way the strings and the pedal steel intertwine on "Paper Covers Rock" is enough to cause you to spill a tear in your beer. "Drunk Children" is a slow waltzing reflection of a failed relationship with close knit harmonies that defy the subject. The dark and plodding "Feed You To The Wolves" is a stand out track with an infectious chorus and the pleading "Chelsea" features a saloon-style sing-along and some more dark, cathartic lyrics, sung with a wink. And "Mary" features a gospel choir, closing the album out with a bang.

If you like your alt-country to be anthemic and emotional and you are a fan of Dear and the Headlights, Wilco and early Bright Eyes, you will find a lot to like from Re: VISIONS.

Download Re: VISIONS here:

Check out a video of the closing track "Mary" performed live as an 18-piece band at an art gallery here:

For more info click here:


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