Thursday, April 21, 2011

American Babies - "Flawed Logic"

American Babies is the project from Philly musician Tom Hamilton who used to front the electro-rock band Brothers Past. Hamilton drops the electro flourishes of his past projects for the highly melodic Country-inspired roots rock on Flawed Logic, the new album produced by Bill Moriarty (Dr. Dog, Man Man) and first for new label Engine Room Recordings.

The album opens with “Streets of Brooklyn”, showcasing Tom’s personal yet relatable lyrical storytelling, touching on everything from greed and Wall Street, to war and love. “Desperate Times” may be down in the dumps lyrically, but musically the spirit is high with a classic rock guitar solo and a rollicking beat. The aching, swaying waltz of “The Sin” features a yearning vocal, pedal steel and gorgeous background vocals from The Sisters 3. First single, “Dance All Night” features honky-tonk piano and a shuffling beat that you would have to be hog-tied not to move along with. Standout tracks “Winter War Games” side-steps the Americana with a crunchy rock riff and ringing organs and “Joeline” rocks out with an anthemic chorus for the underdog, with Tom adopting a Bowie-like vocal. And “Blue Skies” and the authentic “Restless Heart” bring the Grand Ole Opry-style Country & Western in spades with more moaning pedal steel and slide guitar without a stitch of pastiche. The album closes with the biting lyrical commentary of “Weight Of The World” and the romantic balladry of the closing “Great Expectations”, a duet with Cassandra Sadler of The Sisters 3.

There is nothing flawed about the logic in thinking that American Babies’ Flawed Logic may the best Americana, Alt-Country or “whatever you want to call it” album of the year. Stream it at the link below and see what you think.

Download "Dance All Night" here:

Stream Flawed Logic here:

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