Wednesday, April 13, 2011

3 Songs: On Repeat

1. A Lull - "Weapons For War" (The propulsive first single from the Chicago quintet's sparkling debut Confetti out now on Mush Records (with vinyl on Lujo) features everything and the kitchen sink percussion and a mix of post-rock and electronica for songs that explode with color and life. Song of the year!)


2. Low - "Especially Me" (Recorded in an old Church, their new album C'Mon sounds spacious yet full, reaching new emotional heights and this track features tight, reverb-rich harmonies that reach the rafters and beyond for their most accessible album yet.)


3. Beat Connection - "Space Vacation" (The Surf-inspired escapist electro-pop from the Seattle duo's excellent debut, Surf Noir EP originally a free download on Bandcamp, but now retouched and refined into a mini-album through Tender Age/Moshi Moshi out now with bonus tracks. This one was taken from the recently released Silver Screen Single.)



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