Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Protest The Hero - "Scurrilous"

Already considered one of the most inventive and skilled young tech-metal bands on the scene today, Protest The Hero have progressed even more with the release of their third album Scurrilous, out today on Vagrant Records. The new album shows them experimenting with straight-up old school trash, touching on jazz and fine-tuning their soaring theatrical prog-rock tendencies into a cohesive and aggressive yet highly melodic form of metal that is distinctively their own.

The first single and album opener “C’ est La Vie” charges out of the gate with twisting guitar lines and soaring vocals along with metronome-melting rhythm changes for the perfect introduction to the album or even for the first time listener. Stand out track “Hair-Trigger” features some seriously funky slap bass as well as vocalist Jadea Kelly who also contributed memorable vocals to their debut Kezia. “Tandem” is split between speedy cerebral metal parts and slower groovier sections with lyrics from vocalist Rody Walker that are more personal and relateable than the more thematic lyrics of past albums. “Moonlight” blends arena-rock, metalcore and jazzy prog-rock to perfection. The choppy riffage on “Tapestry” shreds like Cowboys From Hell-era Pantera and stands out with Rody’s growl/scat-hybrid that mimics the music. The shape-shifting “Dunsel” features an anthemic chorus, scaling guitar leads and a fiery and angry vocal performance that’s maybe a little too reliant on “sailor speak”. Another standout, “The Reign of Unending Terror” is heavily influenced by 80’s British metal only more mathematical but just as head-banging and galloping. And if you were not already aware, the frantic and frenetic fretwork on “Tongue Splitter” showcases two of the most talented and praised guitarists in Tim Millar and Luke Hoskins.

Protest The Hero is a confident band on the rise with talent and creativity to burn and Scurrilous is their best, most ambitious album yet but I’m sure their best album is yet to come.

Download "C'est La Vie" here: http://s3.amazonaws.com/site-images.vagrant.com/audio_items/282/01_C_est_La_Vie.mp3

For more info click here: http://www.protestthehero.com/ and www.vagrant.com


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