Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Morning Teleportation - "Expanding Anyway"

Morning Teleportation debut their first album Expanding Anyway today on Glacial Pace Recordings, the label run by Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse. The album also produced by Isaac is a trippy art-rock ride with the band’s youthful restlessness, wild, caterwauling yet heartfelt vocals, and strange psychedelia mixed with classic rock and folk tendencies channeled through the energy and intensity of punk rock. Their eclectic sound would fit right in with both the Bonnaroo crowd and at a basement show.

“Boom Puma” opens the album with wild screams before launching into a spastic vamp complete with banging keyboards and a talkbox solo. “Eyes The Same” possesses Modest Mouse-derived melodies and a sing-along chorus to go along with the funk-informed dance rock. The instrumental interlude that begins “Snow Frog Vs. Motor Cobra” features crazed horns, cascading finger-picked guitars and a frantic pace, sounding like the soundtrack to a car chase; the song that follows features a tight disco-beat, handclaps, more talkbox and haunted howling background vocals. The jammy sing-along title track “Expanding Anyway” stands out with singer/guitarist Tiger Merritt’s rhythmic vocals and fast-paced finger-style guitars and you can even hear Isaac’s bark in the background. “Crystalline” features hypnotic cyclical guitar figures and some warm folksy harmonies before turning into a Wolf Parade-like rock out. The 9-minute long “Wholehearted Drifting Sense Of Inertia” goes off on freak out tangents with screamed vocals, horns, quirky knotty guitars, crazed carnival organs and 8-bit analog synths for a prog and electronic influenced trip. The fun “Banjo Disco” stands out with frenetic banjo picking and spacey synths, sounding like a 70’s themed hootenanny beamed from outer space. The album closes with the poppy and strutting “Treble Chair”, adding yet another dimension to the band’s energetic and eclectic sound.

From Wolf Parade to Holopaw to Mimicking Birds and now Morning Teleportation, Isaac sure has a great ear…take his word and mine; you will not be disappointed with Expanding Anyway.

Download the title track "Expanding Anyway" here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/847003/MorningTeleportation-ExpandingAnyway.zip

For more info click here: http://www.myspace.com/morningteleportation and http://glacialpace.com/


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