Monday, April 04, 2011

Maritime - "Human Hearts" - featuring a full album stream!

Sometimes getting too comfortable can be a bad thing but not for Maritime. They have found comfort in their Midwestern lives, with children, wives, jobs and with each other. In fact, Human Hearts out tomorrow, is their fourth album and first for their new label Dangerbird Records. That is the same amount of albums that singer/guitarist Davey von Bohlen and drummer Dan Didier released with their seminal pop-punk band Promise Ring. The result is a confident, melodic and emotional album full of gracious pop hooks while retaining their punk rock spirit and their best yet.

So get comfortable and check out the full album stream below. Be sure to listen to album highlights such as the joyful yelps on the chorus of the album opener "It's Casual" and the glimmering interplay between the guitar and synths on first single "Paraphernalia". Other standout tracks are "Peopling of London", featuring soft guitar chugging and a singalong chorus and the bouncing post-rock rhythm of "Air Arizona". Also check out the links below to order the album and to become a fan of Maritime on Facebook.

Download "Paraphernlia" here:

For more info click here:


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