Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Berg Sans Nipple - "Build With Erosion"

Six years after the release of their critically praised album Along The Quai, The Berg Sans Nipple (the duo of Shane Aspergren and Lori Sean Berg) are set to release their third album Build With Erosion on Team Love Records this week. The new album blazes a new path for the already experimental band with vocal melodies and hooks sharing the spotlight with the percussion and sample heavy sound collages, a first for the band.

“Change The Shape” opens the album with a skittish hip-hop influenced beat including an Afrikka Bambata sample along with a rhythmic jump-roping verse. The title track, “Build With Erosion” features a bobbing beat with flickering and fluttering synths and a hint of reverb-drenched paranoia. “Dead Dinosaurs Rule The Earth” captures its title with a deep jungle rhythm that builds with intensity and an eerie atmosphere. The colorful and psychedelic “Convert The Measurement” features glittering tones that glide over a glitchy beat. The hypnotic samples and horns on “There Is No Peak” are matched up with stuttering vocal melodies and energetic beat on the standout track. The shape-shifting “Terroir” is a highlight as well with its hauntingly ambient tones and liquid synth lines. “Weatherman” features the album’s catchiest vocals that stand out among the clanging percussion and strange samples. “Body Movements” combines the organic and electronic along with tribal polyrhythms and joyous vocals for an irresistible dance track. And “Pink Rays Sugar” closes out the album with a chilled out vibe with chiming samples, warm vocal melodies and tumbling drums.

Build With Erosion proves the addition of vocals only adds to the appeal of The Berg Sans Nipple, placing the band in the company of other like-minded forward-thinking acts such as Animal Collective and Yeasayer.


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