Friday, February 11, 2011

Free Friday: earsauce - "story so far, the"

earsauce is the electronica-informed folk project of instrumentalist/vocalists Evan Valentine and Steve Bower. Their self-recorded and self-released debut album story so far, the was released on their Bandcamp page in September as a free download. The expansive 20-track collection of sound collages flow seamlessly allowing for an intimate experience for the listener, as you feel like you are present during the recording process, complete with band chatter between songs.

The album opens with the surreal ambiance of “Beyond A Broken Dream” featuring contrasting acoustic/electronic production reminiscent of Brian Deck (Califone, Iron & Wine). The instrumental “J3” even incorporates some jazz into the mix albeit with a glitchy beat and some clever voice samples, showcasing the artists’ broad range. “All These Moments Pass Me By” stands out with its poignant lyrics and sweet vocal harmonies alongside steady but gentle acoustic strumming. Other standout tracks are “Criterion”, which samples and loops various violins over a choppy beat that I have had stuck on repeat all week and “Cor’Du’Roy”, mixing harmonica and subtle “la, la, la’s” with a scraping beat and a cyclical guitar for a futuristic folk jam. Also on their Bandcamp page is a 9-track B-Sides collection to the album that is available for free download.

earsauce’s story so far, the is best absorbed with headphones to capture each nuanced note and get lost in every layer of their crafty folktronica debut. Download it now and help spread the sauce!

Download story so far, the here:

You can also download the B-sides collection to the album here:

For more info click here: and


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hey, thanks for this one... nice find! free friday is the best.

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