Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Builders and the Butchers - "Dead Reckoning"

The Builders and the Butchers return with the release of their third album Dead Reckoning out today on Badman Recording Co. To best capture the band’s signature live intensity, the Portland band recorded the album live with minimal overdubs and the result is a pounding, energetic and sincere set of blues and bluegrass-infused folk rock.

Downtrodden and grim, “I Broke The Vein” opens with ominous drums and organs to set the tone for the album. “Rotten To The Core” pummels with an end-of-the-world recklessness and a sing-along chorus. “It Came From The Sea” bellows with the same urgency of a sailor’s last lament before being overtaken by the storm. The first single, “Lullaby” is actually an anti-lullaby with thundering drums and dark overtones. “Moon Is On The March” stands out with a sweaty swagger, makes their organic acoustic sound become almost electric with intensity. Another standout is the stomping and hollering of the short “Blood For You”. And the album closes with “Family Tree” which features call and response vocals for a Sunday service sound with hymn-like organs and flickering mandolin figures.

As inspiration both lyrically and musically, singer/guitarist Ryan Sollee and his crew connected the dots between the current state of the world with that of the 1930’s, and the universal dark truths on Dead Reckoning gives an inspiring and timeless quality to their best album yet.


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