Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Get Up Kids - "There Are Rules"

After reuniting in 2009 to tour in celebration of the tenth anniversary of their classic album Something To Write Home About, and seven years after their last album, The Get Up Kids return this week with their highly anticipated new album, There Are Rules. They also return to their DIY roots, releasing the album on their own label, Quality Hill Records, when I am sure plenty of labels would have jumped at the chance to release this album. The album was produced by long time producer Ed Rose and has the youthful energy of their earliest and best work but the atmosphere surrounding the songs is different.

At the core, their pop-punk formula remains but each track is wrapped in a dense coating of fuzzy bass, chiming synths and a shocking newfound love for abrasive noise, giving the album a more modern sound that may be polarizing to long time fans. But given a second chance, Matt Pryor’s distinct voice, the instantly memorable hooks and all of the reasons you loved them in the first place begin to appear from the haze like a beacon of light just as they were as the enormously influential band over a decade ago. There are rules and The Get Up Kids are breaking all of them.


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