Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Broken Records - "Let Me Come Home"

Scotland’s Broken Records came together as a happy accident. Frontman Jamie Sutherland had aspirations to start his own record label but formed a band instead. Good for us because swelling orchestral moments burst from the emotional guitar-rock like a more romantic Arcade Fire on their elegantly stunning sophomore album Let Me Come Home, out today on 4AD Records.

The album opens with the percussive single, “A Leaving Song” anchored by a soaring and yearning vocal with enough weight to not get lost in the sky it reaches for. “Modern Worksong” plays with stabbing piano and tumbling drums before erupting into an anthemic chorus for a standout moment. The brooding and dark “Dia dos Namarados!” matches Jamie’s baritone with a female counterpart. “The Motorcycle Boy Reigns” showcases Jamie’s voice which has been compared to Jeff Buckley’s with a shuffling beat and atmospheric background. Another standout is the upbeat single “A Darkness Rises Up” which features pounding piano and frantic violins.

Broken Records’ moody brand of epic indie rock touches on Interpol and Arcade Fire but their crafty, cinematic arrangements give them an identity all their own and Let Me Come Home is the first must listen album of the new year!

Download "A Leaving Song" here: http://www.beggarsgroupusa.com/mp3/BrokenRecords_ALeavingSong.mp3

For more info click here: http://brokenrecordsband.com/ and http://www.myspace.com/brokenrecordsedinburgh


Blogger Kemosabe Cafe said...

Good call, great album. Great sound, "A Darkness Rises Up" is the goods.

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