Wednesday, December 08, 2010

3 Songs: New Music On Repeat

1. Eulogies - "You Hide" (First single from Peter Walker's third album as Eulogies deals with visceral "life and death" emotions while retaining an optimistic pop sensibility. Tear The Fences Down is out Jan. 18th on Dangerbird Records.)

2. Junk Culture - "Summer Friends" (Much like his labelmate Girl Talk, Junk Culture's Deepak Mantena creates mashups from unlikely material but instead of pop music, Deepak uses his personal tape recorded sounds that he has collected over the years to help form the psychedelic, punk-infused and R&B-leaning songs on his latest EP Summer Friends due out Feb 1st.)

3. Elk - "Volleyball" (The Brooklyn based producer creates a poppy mix of World music, tropicalia and electronica and his debut Let's Get Married is out in Feb. on his own label, Shape Up Records.)


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