Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Violens - "Amoral"

New York trio Violens led by producer and multi-instrumentalist Jorge Elbrecht, who was a member of defunct art-pop band Lansing-Dreiden, have released their debut album Amoral this week on Friendly Fire Recordings in conjunction with their own label Static Recital. The band deftly combines influences as varied as moody synth-led 80’s goth-rock, 60’s psychedelia and abrasive metal guitar tones for a sound that is poppy and nostalgic as well as frenzied and volatile.

“The Dawn Of Your Happiness Is Rising” opens the album on a bright note with layers of floating psychedelic harmonies and a danceable beat. “Full Collision” expertly emotes and gives the same feeling as hearing your favorite Tears For Fears song on the radio with a sense of optimistic gloom. First single, “Acid Reign” is led by an eerie synthetic piano with disembodied harmonies and a frenetic rhythm. “Are You Still In The Illusion?” follows with textural ambiance wrapped around some catchy New Wave hooks and a scathing guitar solo to end the song. “Until It’s Unlit” stands out with washes of echoing vocals, a bouncy bass line and fuzzy guitar noise like it was discovered on a mixtape stored in a time capsule from the 80’s and it leads into the newest single, “Violent Sensation Descends” which is driven by a Halloween-worthy organ and contrasted by cheery 60’s melodies and soaring strings and synths. Other standouts include the mesmerizing and poppy dreamscape created on “Trance Like Turn” and the clattering and emotional pulse of “Another Strike Restrained” which sounds like Depeche Mode filtered through My Bloody Valentine. The album closes with the cyclical instrumental “Generational Loss” with its epic harmonic guitar leads and crashing wall of sound.

Amoral, their long-awaited debut does not disappoint and only adds to their growing hype!

Download "Violent Sensation Descends" here: http://www.forcefieldpr.com/violensvsd.mp3

For more info and to download their free mixtapes click here: http://violens.net/


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