Friday, November 12, 2010

Free Friday: Lujo Records 2010 Sampler

Primed for an exciting and eventful 2011, Lujo Records has been busy the past few months signing four new bands and have new releases from three of their current bands on the horizon. To celebrate and to fuel the fires of anticipation, Lujo is offering a new 12-track label sampler for free download!

The first new signing is Chicago's Yourself and The Air, a band I actually brought to the attention of the San Diego-based label this past summer. Their unique brand of organic indie rock incorporates intertwining guitars and keyboards with poppy psychedelia and their first single "Sick Days", taken from their soon to be released EP Who's Who In The Zoo, is the highlight of the sampler.

The second new signing wrstlrs is the new electronic project featuring John Lamonica and Matt Bergeland formerly of My Spacecoaster, who was the first band signed to Lujo. Included in the sampler is "Long Island", the first track from their forthcoming release.

The other two signings are side projects of current Lujo bands. Mrenc is Eric Collins from The Dark Romantics and his post-rock infused dance-rock is represented by "Dying Over You" from his forthcoming release. And Hays Holladay who is one half of indie-electro duo Bluebrain offers up the epic and relenting "Push" from his forthcoming debut Revel And Bask.

Also included are new songs from Birdbrain, Death House Chaplain and Firs, the side project of Joey Cook of the Pomegranates, with previously released tracks from Discover America, The Torches, Birdbrain, Mouse Fire and Cincinnati's dream-poppers Enlou rounding out the collection.


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Awesome Sampler! Thanks.

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