Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Dead Snares - "Speak The Language"

Dead Snares is the solo project of Jeffrey Cain of Remy Zero. Speak The Language is his debut album released last week on popantipop Records and features contributions from some of his Remy Zero band mates Cedric LeMoyne on bass and drums from Gregory Slay, who passed away earlier this year and led Remy Zero to reunite to tour this Fall in support.

The hauntingly beautiful opening track, “The Language” sets the tone for the album with its glitchy beat and moody atmospherics. “Strike Up The Band” features delicate acoustic guitar backed by an insistent beat and a wall of colliding sounds including strings and synths. The emotive “Sever” features the late Gregory Slay on drums, psychedelic guitar solos and a catchy chorus for a standout moment. The first single, “City Sparks” is upbeat with bright guitars and caterwauling keyboards before fading out with foreboding piano for an eerie end to the song. Jeffrey’s voice highlights the shuffling “As Above, So Below” with emotional peaks and valleys. “These Dirty Streets” is mesmerizing with a moody 80’s vibe and captures the title perfectly like the soundtrack to a paranoia-laced chase through a city at night. “Blood” is stirring and hypnotic with a clanging electronic beat while “Thrive (In A Vague Moment)” starts small with droning organ but builds with cascading piano and a propulsive guitar riff for two more stand out moments. The album closes with the stark and meditative instrumental “An Unending”.

With Dead Snares, Jeffrey Cain takes his experience with Remy Zero and blends it well with his prior electronic collaborations with Tricky and O+S to create a compelling and engaging headphones-worthy debut.

Stream the album and download "City Sparks" here: http://www.popantipop.com/deadsnares/

For more info click here: http://www.deadsnares.com/ and www.myspace.com/deadsnares


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