Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pomegranates - "One Of Us"

The Cincinnati art-pop band Pomegranates return today with their third album in as many years, One Of Us, out now on their new label Afternoon Records. Co-produced by the band and Aloha’s TJ Lipple (MGMT, Headlights) and featuring new member guitarist Dan Lyon, the album is more experimental and mature with the addition of strings to their psychedelic wide-screen indie-pop.

The album opens with the title track “One Of Us”, led by a boisterous bass line and careening guitars with a chanted middle part and soaring guitars that fade out to end the song. “50’s” is outfitted with a drum beat and glistening falsetto melodies befitting the era of the title for a standout moment. “White Fawn” is a short, shimmering slice of dream-pop. The feverish first single, “Prouncer” features cascading melodies, subtle horns and a vocal tradeoff with Joey’s honeyed voice and Dan’s baritone vocals. The next song, “Perception” is a moody instrumental that floats on the ether that leads into the atmospheric “Create Your Own Reality” with lush layers of sweet and swelling melodies and trickling guitars. “Anywhere You Go” follows with an off-kilter rhythm and passionate shouts of “I really like you!” until speeding up and spiraling out of control for an instantly memorable moment. The earnest piano-led ballad “Between Two Dreams” leads into “The Positive Light” which features the aforementioned strings on the propulsive and epic standout track. “Demond” features fuzzed-out guitars clashing with vivid keyboards that build until breaking into “Venus”, a soothing instrumental. The album closes with the raucous “Skull Cakin’” and the reverb-heavy vocals and submerged synths of closer “Into The Water, Into The Air”.

After three albums in three years, One Of Us again proves that the Pomegranates are one the most creative and compelling young bands out right now.

Download "Create Your Own Reality" here (click through): http://afternoonrecords.com/poms_mp3_exchange.html

For more info click here: www.myspace.com/pomegranatesart and http://everybodyoutside.blogspot.com/ and http://www.afternoonrecords.com/ and http://pomegranatesart.tumblr.com/


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hooray! hope you posted this to poms fb page! i know they'd love to see it!

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