Wednesday, October 27, 2010

3 Songs: On Repeat

1. Rubblebucket - "Triangular Daisies" (Unclassifiable 8-pc Brooklyn band is a must hear! Title track to their new EP features jubilant horns, infectious whistling and sugary sweet indie-pop meets World Music hooks...and it's not even the best song on the EP.)


2. Warpaint - "Undertow" (The L.A. band's first single of gauzy and rhythmic guitar-led dream pop, from their excellent and highly anticipated debut The Fool out now.)


3. Elizabeth & the Catapult - "Go Away My Lover" (Clattering percussion with stomps and claps and haunted harmonies highlight the first single from sophomore album The Other Side Of Zero out now.)


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pomegranates - "One Of Us"

The Cincinnati art-pop band Pomegranates return today with their third album in as many years, One Of Us, out now on their new label Afternoon Records. Co-produced by the band and Aloha’s TJ Lipple (MGMT, Headlights) and featuring new member guitarist Dan Lyon, the album is more experimental and mature with the addition of strings to their psychedelic wide-screen indie-pop.

The album opens with the title track “One Of Us”, led by a boisterous bass line and careening guitars with a chanted middle part and soaring guitars that fade out to end the song. “50’s” is outfitted with a drum beat and glistening falsetto melodies befitting the era of the title for a standout moment. “White Fawn” is a short, shimmering slice of dream-pop. The feverish first single, “Prouncer” features cascading melodies, subtle horns and a vocal tradeoff with Joey’s honeyed voice and Dan’s baritone vocals. The next song, “Perception” is a moody instrumental that floats on the ether that leads into the atmospheric “Create Your Own Reality” with lush layers of sweet and swelling melodies and trickling guitars. “Anywhere You Go” follows with an off-kilter rhythm and passionate shouts of “I really like you!” until speeding up and spiraling out of control for an instantly memorable moment. The earnest piano-led ballad “Between Two Dreams” leads into “The Positive Light” which features the aforementioned strings on the propulsive and epic standout track. “Demond” features fuzzed-out guitars clashing with vivid keyboards that build until breaking into “Venus”, a soothing instrumental. The album closes with the raucous “Skull Cakin’” and the reverb-heavy vocals and submerged synths of closer “Into The Water, Into The Air”.

After three albums in three years, One Of Us again proves that the Pomegranates are one the most creative and compelling young bands out right now.

Download "Create Your Own Reality" here (click through):

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

3 Songs: On Repeat

1. The So So Glo's - "Lindy Hop" (Super catchy, song of the year-type single from the Brooklyn band's new EP Low Back Chain Shift out now.)

2. The Phantom Band - "Walls" (First single from experimental and highly inventive Scottish band's excellent new album Wants features warped synths and a wall of spaced-out sound.)

3. Sean Flinn & The Royal We - "Patient Heart" (Sean creates eclectic folk with an organic and timeless quality in the vein of M. Ward and has collaborated with Jolie Holland. His debut Write Me A Novel is a promising debut for the emerging singer-songwriter.)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Free Friday: White Denim - "Last Day Of Summer"

Ah, summer. It seems like just yesterday...well, with help from White Denim, you can relive those last days of summer with a free download of their aptly titled new album Last Day Of Summer. The album is more of an experimental effort than a proper third album, with songs that might not have fit in the flow of Fits, their excellent sophomore album released just last year, or on the new album the band is currently recording.

The album features jazzy jam sessions and some very catchy pop moments that make it very interesting. "Home Together" features a skronky sax solo with tumbling drums, an infectious chorus and shimmering keyboards. "Toni Fatti" is off-kilter with a frenetic pace and winding, interlocking guitar and bass lines. The first curve ball is "If You're Changing", a charming and twangy Byrds-like backroads Country song that works. Following that are two eclectic instrumentals: "Incaviglia" is jazzy with Spanish-style guitar and moaning fretless bass and "Light Light Light" is a sort of indie New Age, featuring sultry saxophone and flutes performed by Austin jazz great Alex Coke for two standout moments. Another standout track is "Some Wild Going Outward" which is highlighted by great vocal harmonies and ramshackled percussion. Also, the Wurlitzer-led "Champ" features a baritone guitar that anchors the bouncy rhythm and finally, "New Coat" closes the album on an upbeat note, satiating us until their next album is released.

Download Last Day Of Summer here:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

3 Songs: On Repeat

1. Antony and The Johnsons - "The Spirit Was Gone" (Simple beauty...Antony's distinctive voice, piano and orchestral ambience, from Swanlights, the experimental new album out now.)


2. Callers - "How You Hold Your Arms" (Soulful, spaceous and cathartic new single features Spaghetti Western guitars and Sara's smoky and confident vocals from their excellent sophomore album, Life of Love, out now on Western Vinyl.)

3. Engin Ufuk Kaplan - "My Nation" (Up-and-coming NYC-by-way-of-Turkey producer wrote, produced and raps this politically-charged call to arms featuring industrial, Middle Eastern and rock influences. UK also produces for indie hip-hop label Rebel Smoke Records.)

Bonus: Watch the video for "That's Me" here:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Belle and Sebastian - "Write About Love"

Belle and Sebastian return with the highly anticipated Write About Love, their first album since 2006, out today on Matador Records. The new album immediately makes up for lost time with a well orchestrated and soulful collection of pop songs as only Stuart and Co. could produce.

“I Didn’t See It Coming” opens the album with an uptempo beat, striking piano chords and dual male/female vocals with a catchy chorus to start the album off right. “Come On Sister” features 8-bit sounding synths that are equally as memorable as the vocal melodies on the upbeat and poppy standout track. “Calculating Bimbo” slows down the pace for a dreamy ballad with glimmering keyboards and vintage tom-fill heavy drums. “I Want The World To Stop” features an electronic beat and infectious call and response vocals with a clever string and horn arrangement for a modern take on 60’s pop. The laid back “Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John” is an unlikely but perfect jazzy duet with Stuart and Norah Jones. The title track, “Write About Love” is a sunny beam of AM radio pop, like the soundtrack to your favorite 70’s sitcom. “I’m Not Living In The Real World” is another classic pop standout with delirious vocal harmonies matched by flute and a slice of psychedelia. Elsewhere, nostalgic vibes emanate from the lushly arranged “Ghost of Rockschool” and the 11-track album closes with “Sunday’s Pretty Icons”, shimmery, and 80’s inspired, it showcases the band’s tight instrumentation and skill to take the best pop from any decade and turn it into their own.

Write About Love does not disappoint and is well worth the wait with just enough little nuances added to their trademark sound to make it interesting.

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Friday, October 08, 2010

Free Friday: Roman Photos - "Into The Light" EP

Atlanta indie-electro band Roman Photos have been very productive over the last few months. They are set to release a new 7”, Decline/These Arms through Double Phantom Records on December 7th and recently released a 7” on Army of Bad Luck Records which is run by Josh from Deerhunter. They also released the four-song Into The Night EP as a free download on their Bandcamp page in August. They create a moody blend of techno, synth-pop and trip-hop with swells of hazy emotion for a different take on dance music.

The title track “Into The Night” opens the EP with spacey synths and a clapping beat with a monotone vocal, giving the track a gloomy, ethereal presence. The next song, “Resident” is atmospheric, laid-back and definitely trip-hop inspired, sounding like the soundtrack to a foreboding video game moment. “Out of the Sun” is more upbeat with an effervescent beat, sweeping synths in the background and a low-key catchiness that will surprise you. The fourth and final song, "Highway (winter mix)" is an icy instrumental perfect for long drives.

Download the Into The Light EP here:

Download "Decline" from the upcoming 7" here:

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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Chiodos - "Illuminaudio"

Chiodos are back with their third album, Illuminaudio, released this week by Equal Vision Records. The new album introduces new vocalist Brandon Bolmer formerly of Yesterday’s Rising and drummer Tanner Wayne, formerly of Scary Kids Scaring Kids. Though a lot has changed, much has remained the same with core member keyboardist Bradley Bell's beautiful piano contrasting the heavy, scream-laden parts for the band’s trademark theatrical and grandiose sound. Brandon’s lyrics and vocals are both personal and positive with soaring sung choruses and throat-shredding screams. So longtime fans will not be disappointed and new fans should find out what they have been missing all along.

A couple standout tracks include “Modern Wolf Hair” which begins with a fist-in-the-air sing along then breaks in with an off-kilter, stuttering rhythm and ends with a hauntingly atmospheric bridge and coda and “Notes In Constellations”, featuring tumbling drums and keyboards that twinkle like the stars in the title and a skyward chorus. The cathartic “Stratovolcano Mouth” adds epic programmed strings and dizzying poly-rhythms to the mix for another standout moment. Also, Vic Fuentes of Pierce The Veil guests on the stunning first single “Love Is A Cat From Hell”.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

3 Songs: On Repeat

1. Corin Tucker - "Doubt" (Best and most Sleater-Kinney like track from Corin's excellent solo album 1,000 Years out now on Kill Rock Stars. Well worth the long wait for new material!)


2. Marnie Stern - "Transparency is the New Mystery" (Also out this week on KRS is Marnie's self-titled and more personal third album, filled with more great guitar licks and frantic drumming by Zach Hill.)


3. La Sera - "Never Come Around" (New side project from Katy Goodman of Vivian Girls showcases her less abrasive side, offering up hymm-like harmonies and dreamy pop on debut 7" out 11/16 on Hardly Art Records.)


Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Tim Kasher - "The Game of Monogamy"

Tim Kasher of Cursive and the Good Life will release his first solo album, The Game of Monogamy, today on Saddle Creek Records. Lyrically, the album deals with love and marriage and all of the trappings of both with Kasher’s unique storytelling, while musically the album is straight forward with poppy and embellished arrangements featuring members of the Glacier National Symphony for his most ambitious and accessible project yet.

The album opens with the “Monogamy Overture” a swelling orchestral intro to the album that crashes into “Grown Man” a pied-piper’s anthem for one of Tim’s recurring themes of refusing to grow up set to a marching snare and trumpets. The power-pop of “I’m Afraid I’m Gonna Die Here” features the best use of handclaps since the applause and upbeat horns for a standout moment. “Strays” is stripped down to just acoustic guitar, melodica, as an emotional love song for a love burning out. First single, “Cold Love” is another slice of power-pop about a love life lacking passion backed by a passionate arrangement featuring horns and strings and a wood block. The short “Surprise, Surprise” opens with twinkling toy piano and ends with a heavy rumbling riff that is cut off as it leads into “There Must Be Something I Lost” a reflective and searching ballad with a soaring combination of flute, oboe and violin that takes a surprising turn with an organ and piano led groove to end the song. Another super-catchy standout track is “Bad, Bad, Dreams”, a horn-laden clash with morality. “No Fireworks” may be another anthemic track about a passionless love but trying to avoid hitting the repeat button will take all you have. The album closes with “The Prodigal Husband” and “Monogamy”, two beautifully arranged numbers with Kasher’s trademark sad sack melodies coming full circle with a reprise of the overture that began the album.

The Game of Monogamy proves that it doesn’t matter what name Tim Kasher records under, you are going to get a quality songwriting and storytelling unrivaled by his contemporaries.

Download "Cold Love" here:

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Friday, October 01, 2010

Free Friday: Terry Ohms - "What Do You Mean, What Do I Mean?"

Terry Ohms is the side project of Wes McDonald, leader of Alabama band Vulture Whale. He is offering up his debut full-length album What Do You Mean, What Do I Mean? as a free download on his website. You can also pre-order the physical version from Skybucket Records.

I cannot stop listening to "Hey Kid", which features a strutting bass line, tinny Talking Heads-like guitars and rhythm with Wes adopting a British accent. A few other standout tracks are "Red Wine On White Pants", boasting witty lyrics and frenetic energy for a catchy, 80's inspired moment and "My Bike Is Fast", featuring a snarling vocal drawl and scruffy garage rock. Also “Alone At Last” is pure power-pop with a catchy, celebratory chorus.

The album as a whole, is a fun and freewheeling Southern rock and Brit-pop mashup worth repeating. Check it out!

Download What Do You Mean, What Do I Mean? here:

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