Thursday, September 30, 2010

No Age - "Everything in Between"

L.A. noise-pop duo No Age returned this week with one of the year’s most anticipated releases, Everything in Between, their third album and second for Sub Pop Records. By dissecting influences like My Bloody Valentine, The Ramones and “everything in between” the band creates melody-driven pop songs with a DIY punk ethos underneath all of the fuzzy distortion and experimental noise.

“Life Prowler” opens the album with a chugging, steady beat and a robot-like vocal cadence along with soaring synths. “Glitter” begins with a pep rally beat then swirls of searing samples swoop in to contrast with the catchy chorus on the standout track. “Fever Dreaming” is high energy punk with a delirious, and distorted caterwauling wordless chorus and “Depletion”, a fuzzed out and psychedelic rocker with an early 90’s slacker mentality showcases the band’s ability to marry melody with dissonance like no other. “Common Heat” turns their sound on its side with acoustic guitars and clear vocal production and “Skinned” follows with jangly guitars, a thumping beat and a catchy refrain for two of the more poppier tracks on the album. Also highlighted are the two back to back solo instrumentals, the dizzying “Dusted” performed by Dean and Randy’s smoldering “Positive Amputaion” are the first solo songs they have ever been recorded for a No Age album. The album closes with the extra noisy “Shred and Transcend” which lives up to its name and “Chem Trails”, an upbeat and catchy slice of art-pop with singing synths.

With Everything in Between, No Age has capitalized on the buzz created by 2008’s Nouns and created an excellent and eclectic new album worthy of the hype.

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