Thursday, September 16, 2010

Azure Ray - "Drawing Down The Moon"

Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor are back with their first Azure Ray album in six years. The highly anticipated new album, Drawing Down The Moon was released today on Saddle Creek Records.

The stirring lullaby “Wake Up, Sleepyhead” opens the album floating on clouds of harmonies and harp for a dreamy, gentle wake-up call. “Don’t Leave My Mind” unfolds with acoustic guitar strums and an electronic beat along with their signature complementary vocal harmonies. “In The Fog” as you would expect from the title is built upon a gauzy atmosphere with scuttling electronics and soaring vocals. Frequent collaborator Andy LeMaster shows up on “On and On Again”, contributing vocals and guitar to the standout ballad. Singer-songwriter Eric Bachmann has taken over for Andy in the role of producer and plays many of the instruments on the album. He also wrote the song “Silver Sorrow”, a glistening, bittersweet tune full of bells and a choir of heavenly voices, one of which belongs to Liz Durrett. The visceral heartache of “Signs in the Leaves” is haunting yet strikingly beautiful. Similarly, “Love and Permanence” ebbs and flows with pulsating keyboards for a transcending and hypnotic rumination on love and loss. Orenda and Maria prefer to paint their songs in shades of grey with subtle streaks of light and color like the brighter melodies that make up “Dancing Ghosts”. Finally, the album closes with the understated and introspective “Walking in Circles” and its beautifully orchestrated arrangement.

With Drawing Down The Moon, Azure Ray have marked their long-awaited return with an album well worth the wait. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait another six years for the next album…

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