Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ORBS - "Asleep Next To Science"

Most of the time, so-called super-groups are either hit or miss. Well, ORBS which contains Adam (vocals, guitar) and Clayton (drums) from Fear Before; Dan (guitar) from Between The Buried And Me; Chuck (bass) of Torch Runner and Ashley from Cradle of Filth on keyboards, definitely hits the bulls-eye. Their stunning debut album, Asleep Next To Science will be released next week on Equal Vision Records.

Abstract and experimental, the collaboration was three years in the making after Dan and his technical guitar abilities and Ashley and her classical training met and started writing but it wasn’t until they recruited Adam, Clayton and Chuck and were in the studio for the first time that everything clicked and ORBS became a reality and not just a secret side-project. Free of the restraints and expectations of their acclaimed main bands, ORBS is the sum of all of the parts together but unlike any thing you would expect from any of the artists involved. Wide screen complex compositions filled with beautiful piano, obtuse keyboard sounds, spacey prog-rock, heavy moments and strange interludes make up this set of unique songs.

Each song has its share of interesting and captivating moments but some standout tracks include the opener, “Sayer of the Law” which begins with chugging guitars and rumbling drums before a textural and ethereal piano-led interlude cuts in and transforms into a prog-y jam with Adam’s weird but catchy lyrics and vocals, ending with another pretty moment. And that moment bleeds into the next track, “A Man of Science” with warped synths, a jazzy bass line, an anthem of a chorus and enough twists and turns you may need to break out your GPS. The 10-minute opus “People Will Read Again” begins with dreamy, cascading keyboards then locks into a hypnotic groove before switching between cinematic movements with Gothic overtones and heavier parts with crazed vocals for another standout moment on an album filled with them.

With all of the talent represented on Asleep Next To Science, ORBS has created an album different enough to amuse their muse yet still satisfying to their core fans and new fans alike.

For more info click here: www.myspace.com/orbsband and http://www.equalvision.com


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