Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lissie - "Catching A Tiger"

On the heels of her acclaimed EP, Lissie returns today with the release of her debut full-length album on Fat Possum Records. The excellent Why You Runnin’ EP was raw and organic and introduced us to Lissie’s haunting and beautiful voice. Catching A Tiger on the other hand, is a more polished and pop-leaning affair, that still satisfies yet with mixed results. Her outstanding voice remains the alluring factor and was the spotlight on the EP, but now has been hidden a bit by the arrangements. The newfound pop is fun yet void of the dusky atmosphere of the EP, which makes holdovers such as the single, “Little Lovin”, “Everywhere I Go”, and the hymn-like balladry of “Oh, Mississippi” stand out. Of the new songs, “Bully” and “Record Collector” remain true with the same lyrical imagery, layers of vocal melodies, and bluesy-folk. Of the pop-leaning songs, “When I’m Alone” features intermittent electronics, and sparkling electric guitars, but Lissie holds her own with the soaring vocals and “Cuckoo” is a strange dichotomy, sounding like mid-90’s Lilith Fair-faire, but just try not to sing along. And that pretty much sums up the album. At first listen, the poppier songs seem odd but the breezy melodies and Lissie’s voice sink in and you are left with a satisfying album. Besides, isn’t your record collection just as eclectic?

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