Friday, August 06, 2010

Free Friday: White Arrows - "White Arrows" EP

L.A.-based White Arrows have taken to their bandcamp page to release the White Arrows EP for free download. It includes their previously released Hearts and Lungs EP plus 2 new remixes by RAC and one by KKS. The band started in 2008 by Mickey Church as more of an electronic solo project but evolved into the full band it is now, so the music is naturally rhythm-driven and is infectiously catchy.

The EP opens with “The Voyeur” with a twitchy post-rock guitar riff, spacey and surf-y synths that propel the song and front-man Mickey’s laid back vocal delivery. “8050 (Too Fast, Too Slow)” features sun-bathed doo-wop melodies and pounding piano. The instantly likable first single, “Coming or Going” is a slice of Strokes-worthy swagger and is reminiscent of Jonathan Fire Eater with the vintage keyboards and hip-swiveling rhythm. “City Boy” stands out with delirious and soulful vocals and strange, otherworldly synths. And the last of the original tracks “Everything Scares Me" is funky and psychedelic with group vocals on the chorus that beg you to sing along.

Closing out the EP is a remix of “Coming or Going” by the super-busy and in demand RAC, who applies a thick haze and a blip-y beat to keep the party going and producer KKS splices up the track “City Boy” into a robotic, club-banger.

Download the EP here:

Download "Coming or Going" here:

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