Wednesday, August 25, 2010

3 Songs: On Repeat

1. The Torches - "Mr. Vampire" (New project from Stephen J. Perron Guidry of The Cassettes creates swampy blues rock with vocals like a crazed carnival barker that would make the perfect soundtrack to the TV show Swamp People.)


2. Yair Yona - "Brave Walls" (Tel Aviv based guitarist Yair Yona combines folk and post-rock ideals with otherworldly complexity to his Fahey-like acoustic soundscapes on debut album Remember, released in 2009 with Anova Music and now reissued by Strange Attractors Audio Houseā€˜s Resurrection Series.)

3. Unicycle Loves You - "Mirror, Mirror" (The title track from the trio's second album is psychedelic with subtle dissonance and a slick pop sense that will make you come back again and again.)


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