Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mozart Season - "Nightmares" EP

The latest addition to the creatively unique and always great Equal Vision Records family is Mozart Season. Their new EP Nightmares, features 3 new songs and 3 older songs from a prior EP, and was released this week as an introduction to the Sacramento-based band.

“Famous Last Words (You’re Nothing Without Me)” opens the album with ringing guitars and furious vocals until the chorus clears the pit with windmills of catchy melodies followed by a meaty breakdown. Musically “Look Mom, I’m On TV (feat. Jon Mess)” is more angular and progressive while vocalist Nate Richardson and Jon Mess from fellow Sacramento band Dance Gavin Dance battle for screamo supremacy. “Rage Factor 11” lives up to its title with straight-forward aggression and a passionate sing-along but is tempered with a poppy chorus and finger-tapping guitar melodies. Lyrically, the album focuses on relatable real life struggles and problems and not just of the broken-heart variety as “Ankle Deep Water” deals with issues of deception and false expectations with a heartfelt refrain of “This isn’t what I expected…no, this isn’t what I wanted it to be.” And finally the title track, “Nightmares” closes out the EP, leaving you satisfied but wanting more with a positive, hopeful message to go along with the heavy and melodic metallic pop.

Combining catchy pop-punk choruses with dark and heavy post-hardcore on the Nightmares EP, Mozart Season are ready to break out.


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