Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Miniature Tigers - "Fortress"

Arizona indie-pop band Miniature Tigers are back with their sophomore album Fortress out today on Modern Art Records.

While their debut Tell It To The Volcano showed a band with a keen ear for quirky melodies and witty lyrics set to an organic folk-pop sound influenced by the Beatles and Beach Boys, the new album see them branching out. The best example may be the tinkling synths and production provided by Neon Indian on the standout first single, “Gold Skull”, and the tense thunderous drums, hall of reverb and crashing cymbals that provide the band’s loudest moment ever on the album opener, “Mansion of Misery”. “Rock N’ Roll Mountain Troll” though, is a return to form ,featuring a walking piano riff, soft, chugging guitars and a great sing-along chorus with the same humorous lyrical bent as the last album. As a change of pace, “Dark Tower” is moody with intimate acoustic guitars and heavenly harmonies. “Bullfighter Jacket” is a joyous and fun sing-along with a pounding piano that propels the song and ends with a whistled outro. Another standout track is the energetic “Japanese Woman Living In My Closet”; a power-pop anthem with a Vampire Weekend-like World Music flair. And album closer “Coyote Enchantment” begins with only a female voice and warped synth hits before a marching beat and hazy psychedelics take over, providing for a trippy ending to the album.

It is clear that after playing over 200 dates last year in support of their debut, the band has grown tighter and gained the confidence to add in new and interesting elements to their already quirky indie-pop style that only makes Fortress that much better.

Download "Gold Skull" here: http://t.ymlp71.com/wsyuadammmaramebqakajse/click.php

For more info click here: http://www.myspace.com/miniaturetigers


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