Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gnashing of Teeth - "Walking The Appian Way"

Dayton’s long-standing Christian tech-metal kings have recently signed to Sancrosanct Records and released their new album, Walking The Appian Way. Original members Larry Davis (Drums) and Duane White (Guitar, Vocals) along with bassist Nate Landis and guitarist Travis Cooper set the rock solid foundation as new vocalist Chris McKinney brings a commanding vocal presence that belies his young age. Sheer brutality mixed with off-beat time signatures and moments of early 80’s thrash and 90’s death metal combine for a return well worth the wait.

“Separate” opens the album with a crushing blow of thundering drums, an unrelenting riff, a discordant guitar solo and a fist-in-the-air chanted chorus. “Appian Way” follows with intricate construction and a powerfully choppy, stagger-inducing rhythm, sounding like Pantera spliced with Meshugguh. Lyrically “Death by Design” paints a bleak picture but offers hope with the chorus of “Another has stepped in for us all to escape death” over a punishing and slow grinding dual-guitar attack. On the stand out track “Awaken From These Dead Days “, Chris and Duane trade off vocals as they mix in some melody to the brutality with some spirited sung vocals on the chorus. “Mask” sees the band reach further into their influences with head-banging half-time hardcore and guitar harmonics. Another standout “Warhammer” begins with a fragile guitar melody before exploding with disorientating poly-rhythms and a blistering heaviness sure to be a live favorite. “Contrition” charges forward from start to finish with machine-like precision and chaotic vocal and guitar dynamics; as does album closer, “You” except the chaos is countered with clarity in the form of another sung chorus and ends with a pummeling exercise in breakneck speed and leaves you exhausted in a good way and wishing for more.

More and more, Christian metal is crossing over with mainstream metal appeal. And with the stellar musicianship on Walking The Appian Way, Gnashing of Teeth will have no problem securing fans in and out of the faith.

For more info click here: www.myspace.com/gnashingofteeth and http://www.sancrosanctrecords.com/


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