Friday, July 02, 2010

Free Friday: Fol Chen - "In Ruins Remix" EP

Fol Chen, the ever elusive electro-pop group are primed to release their second album Part II: The New December on Asthmatic Kitty Records next week but in anticipation, have released a remix EP of their single, "In Ruins" for free download on their website.

The In Ruins Remix EP includes the title track, which is the cutest and most danceable post-apocalyptic song ever, with twinkling keys and a big, fuzzed-out beat. It also includes great remixes of the track by Baths and Keepaway as well as the song's guest vocalist Karin Tatoyan's take on the track and a re-imaging by Fol Chen member Julian Wass.

Sometimes a whole album or EP devoted to remixes can be daunting or monotonous but each artist here brings a fresh approach to the track, in fact, Keepaway shrinks the track below even the song's radio edit playing time. And as for Karin's remix, she morphs the song into a slow burner; subtracting the Bjork-like playfulness and adding a haunting and smoky Cat Power-ish vocal on the standout track.

Check out the free EP now, then pick up the new album next week!


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