Friday, July 23, 2010

Free Friday: Darker My Love - "Darker My Love"

L.A.-based psych-rock band Darker My Love is set to release their third album in August on Dangerbird Records. Their new album Alive As You Are chips away at most of the fuzz, reverb and trippy psychedelics to reveal a more organic and honest approach, showcasing the stellar songwriting underneath. To show how they have grown and as an introduction to new fans, the band and their label are offering their excellent 2006 self-titled debut album, Darker My Love for free download.

The heavy-handed piano and droning guitars on the lead-off track, “Opening” provide a standout moment on the debut album as well as the feedback drenched and hazy layers of vocals on “What’s A Man’s Paris; which also includes a fuzzy freak-out that perfectly incorporates the band’s punk roots with their 60’s-inspired Californian psych-rock sound. Also the noisy and chugging “Fall” delivers with counteracting vocal harmonies and jangly Byrds-like guitars.

Also in support of the new album, you can catch the band on tour in August with the like-minded Band of Horses on the West Coast. Check out the links below for tour dates, to pre-order the new album and get your free download of Darker My Love.

Download their self-titled debut album for FREE here:

Download the first single "Split Minute" from Alive As You Are here (for an email address):

To pre-order the new album Alive As You Are click here:

For tour dates and more info click here:


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