Friday, July 16, 2010

Free Friday: Beat Connection - "Surf Noir" EP

Chilled-out Surf-inspired synth-pop is not quite what you would expect coming from Seattle but Beat Connection go beyond those stereotypes with the escapist electro-pop of their debut EP Surf Noir, out now for free download on Bandcamp. They were also recently featured on Pitchfork’s new sister site Altered Zones and are a new band to watch.

“Sunburn” opens the mostly instrumental EP with sun-baked psychedelic guitar melodies over a shifty beat, invoking Summer time nostalgia. “In The Water” follows with samples of sea gulls, a clapping beat, and then quickly dissolves into a tropical dance party with layers of washed-out vocals and steel drums. “Theme From Yours Truly” sparkles with shimmering synths and settles into a laid back groove custom made for a summer evening. Another standout on the stellar 8-song debut is “Silver Screen” with its Afro-pop bounce and poppy vocals reminiscent of Sting or Paul Simon.

Download the Surf Noir EP here:

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