Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3 Songs: Say My Name Edition

Lawrence, Kansas beat maker Say My Name released his self-titled debut EP yesterday on Range Life Records. Best known for his remixes for label mates White Flight and DRI as well as Hospital Ships, he also plays guitar in indie-rock band Fourth of July. The EP is an 8-song mix best played consecutively and on repeat as each song blends into another and features fractured synths and samples, found sound, and scratchy beats, all with a Blaxpoitation meets World Music vibe.

1. Say My Name - "Stop Snitching" (The first mp3 from the Say My Name EP features whooshing horn-like synths and a sound like shattering and falling glass yet still dreamy and hazy enough to chill out.)


2. White Flight - "The Condition (Say My Name Remix)" (Say My Name's bulging beat and broken blips and beeps highlight the super catchy standout track on White Flight's debut.)


3. DRI - "What's Real (Say My Name Remix)" (SMN adds an old-school R&B style and a stuttering beat to a track from the solo project of Adrienne formerly of The Anniversary).


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