Wednesday, July 21, 2010

3 Songs: On Repeat

1. Soft Metals - "Love or Music" (Portland duo Ian Hicks and Patricia Hall create romantic dance music with icy Kraftwerk-ian synths and vintage drum machines. First single from their forthcoming debut EP on Captured Tracks.)


2. Kristin Hersh - "Coals" (First single from Crooked which was released as a book with stunning artwork and essays by Kristin for each song. A smoldering guitar solo and choppy rhythm throw back to her Throwing Muses days for her best song in a long time.)


3. Mace Ballard - "Up In Arms" (Punchy new song from Pittsburgh pop-punk purveyors. If you haven't yet, download their excellent free EP from their website.)


EP review on Atlas and the Anchor:


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