Friday, June 04, 2010

Free Friday: New Idea Society - "Quiet Prism EP"

After a serious crash on the Autobahn in Germany left Mike Law of New Idea Society injured and unable to play guitar, by necessity, he took to a synthesizer to write songs for their upcoming third full-length, to be released later this year. In the meantime, the band has chosen to allow fans to download their new Quiet Prism EP for free as a teaser for their new album and for a taste of their new more electronic indie-pop direction. Over the past few months, four of the five songs were released one by one by the band via their social sites but are collected here with an additional unreleased track for a proper release.

“Autumn You”, the first track on the EP is also the first single from the upcoming Andy LeMaster (Azure Ray, Bright Eyes) produced album and is a collage of tinny guitar and cascading synths, creating a dreamy and danceable introduction to their new sound. “Iradell” is an iridescent and moody Eno and 80’s inspired soundscape. “They Won’t Find Us” stands out with its catchy chorus, elastic synths and bouncing beat. “Magic Key” is a slow burning, ambient track with thumping drums and Mike’s smooth emotional vocals. A new unreleased song, “Twilight, Dusk and Night” features sweeping atmospherics, twinkling keyboards and a shuffling beat, bringing the EP to a haunting close.

Download the Quiet Prism EP here:

Download "Autumn You" here:

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