Monday, March 02, 2009

The Whip - "X Marks Destination"

After two years of writing, touring and generating hype, indie-electro outfit, The Whip, are ready to release their debut full-length, “X Marks Destination.” After their original band, Nylon Pylon dissolved; Bruce Carter (vocals/guitar) and Danny Saville (synthesizers) enlisted Fiona Daniels (drums) and Nathan Sudders (bass) to create the manic-mechanical, indie-electro rock that is The Whip.

The first single, “Trash”, builds up to a crescendo that explodes into dance-rock mayhem, with hints of The Faint’s dark undertones. The next song, “Frustration” is moodier like The Cure with synths both rubbery and glimmering, punctuating the beat. Stand out track, “Blackout”, blurs the line between dance-punk and straight up dancehall electro. “Divebomb”, an instrumental, features phase gun synths over a bouncing beat that would sound great in a club. Also included on the U.S. release are four extra remixes including, “Trash – Crookers Remix”.

The Whip combine the visceral energy of a crowded dancehall with the pop sensibilities of Hot Chip to make “X Marks Destination” a record that is as fun to listen to as it is to dance to.

Download "Trash" here:
Download "Dubsex" here:

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