Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dream Concert: Modest Mouse

Dream Concert: where in a dream scenario, I get to choose the songs my favorite artists play when they come to my town. This edition features Modest Mouse, by far one of my favorite bands who I have seen live 6 times. My first time was in Chicago at The Metro in May of 2000, right before “The Moon And Antarctica” was released. Another memorable show was that same year in Columbus at Newport with 764-Hero and The Shins before they were signed to Sub Pop and had CD-R’s of their demos for sale (which I stupidly did not buy). I also saw Modest Mouse both nights of a two night stay at the Southgate House in 2001.

For my Dream Concert with Modest Mouse, I would choose to see them again at The Metro and if I could choose the opening acts, they would be The Shins, Wolf Parade and 764-Hero.

Here is my Dream Concert set list for Modest Mouse:

Styrofoam Boots/It’s All Nice on Ice, Alright – It was the first song I saw them play live.

March Into The Sea

Ohio – Is where I’m from!

Interstate 8 – First MM song I ever heard.

Bury Me With It – The way he spits the chorus…

Alone Down There

Gravity Rides Everything

Karma Payment – I used to work at Karma Records and we played this song all the time.

Heart Cooks Brain

Black Cadillacs

Blame It On The Tetons



Parting Of The Sensory – I haven’t seen any of the new songs live yet…


Spitting Venom

Night On The Sun

Trucker’s Atlas

(I do not want to see Wild Packs of Family Dogs. They play it every show.)

1st Encore: We’ve Got Everything w/ James Mercer from The Shins

2nd Encore: Whenever You See Fit w/ 764-Hero

Hey, it could happen!


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