Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Loney Dear - "Dear John"

For his fifth album, “Dear John”, Emil Svanängen has changed labels, his band name (dropping the comma) and his sound. For most artists, such changes can be detrimental but for Loney Dear, they were a welcome sight. After the wide spread critical acclaim and blog love he received for “Loney, Noir” released in 2007 on Sub Pop and the strain of touring and playing the same upbeat songs, he was ready to write and record something darker to mirror his resulting outlook and mood.

“Dear John”, released Jan. 27th on Polyvinyl Records is darker and more mature than its predecessor, featuring more textured electronic blips and beats, sounding like Postal Service more than his light, twee indie-pop past. Some of those elements remain in the whistling on “I Was Only Going Out” and the slick bounce of opener, “Airport Surroundings”. Stand out track, “Under A Silent Sea” is highlighted by a haunting vocal melody over a beat fit for the after-party. And “Violent” sounds like Brian Wilson collaborating with Hot Chip.

Although a bit patchwork, the album comes together to deliver a dark but uplifting atmosphere with gorgeous vocals and a renewed artistic vision that should set him apart from his contemporaries.

Check out http://www.polyvinylrecords.com/ for more info.


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