Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kid, You'll Move Mountains - "Loomings"

After their label Lookout! Records dissolved, and their band split, Nate (drums) and Andrew Lanthrum (bass) of Troubled Hubble, formed Kid, You'll Move Mountains with like-minded Midwesterners, guitarist/vocalist Jim Hanke from El Oso and guitarist Corey Willis of Inspector Owl with Nina Lanthrum adding piano and vocals.

"Loomings", their self-released debut is built around a tight rhythm section, ambient and jittery guitar lines and stunning male/female vocal interplay, reminds me of everyone from Rainer Maria and The Anniversary to the eclectic indie-rock of Dismemberment Plan and Archers Of Loaf. And as interesting as all of those names are, Kid, You'll Move Mountains have a sound all of their own and have created an album as big as the whale on the album cover. Stand out track, "Volts" highlights the lovely harmonies Jim and Nina are capable of over guitar lines both crunchy and sparkling. "I'm A Song From The Sixties" doesn't evoke "flower power" or The Beatles but it's herky-jerky rhythm, insistent guitars and passionate vocals are reminiscent of the heyday of late '90's emo. And "Wives' Tale" features a dance-punk guitar riff and some great lyrical storytelling along with an interesting keyboard part that helps make "Loomings" an incredible debut that Kid, You'll Move Mountains have released themselves.

You can purchase the cd from the band here: http://www.kidyoullmovemountains.com/ or at CD Baby here: http://cdbaby.com/cd/kymm. It is worth way more than the $7 they are charging!

Download "Make It Sing" here: http://www.dbf-music.com/kymm-makeitsing.mp3

To hear more, click here: www.myspace.com/kidyoullmovemountains


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