Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here We Go Magic - "Self-Titled"

Under his new moniker and band, Here We Go Magic, indie folk singer/songwriter Luke Temple is free to explore new sounds and textures. And he does just that with the self-titled debut from Here We Go Magic, out now on Western Vinyl. Praised for his pretty and soulful voice, this time around, Luke has made sure his vocals do not steal the spotlight from the dense, polyrhythmic groove-laden music. Three of the nine songs are even instrumentals. The music on the album weaves World music ideals and rhythms in and out of the songs and layers of vocals, interesting percussion and song arrangements that break the standard “verse/chorus/verse/chorus” mold.

“Only Pieces”, opens the album with an African inspired Kraut-Rock trance with a layered vocal chant reminiscent of “Graceland” era Paul Simon. “Fangala” features the most catchy, high-pitched, Shins-like vocal melodies on the album along with accenting hand claps. “I Just Want To See You Under Water” ebbs and flows with a bubbly analog synth line among other ambient textures, giving you the sense that you are under water. “Nat’s Alien”, an instrumental spacey sound piece with moaning and droning synths bleeds into the last track, “Everything’s Big”, a folksy waltz, which is closer to Luke’s timeless solo work.

Here We Go Magic is a win-win situation...Luke Temple gets to experiment with his more ambient and avant-garde musical ideas and we are able to listen to and get lost in the grooves and textures he has created.

To order Here We Go Magic, click here: http://www.westernvinyl.com/.
For more info: http://www.herewegomagic.com/


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