Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Top 5 Songs of 2008

5. Wolf Parade - "Call It A Ritual" from album, "At Mount Zoomer" http://www.lala.com/song/360569445171207206/360569453761141798

4. Okkervil River - "Starry Stairs" from album, "The Stand Ins" http://www.lala.com/song/360569445176464126/360569462356333310

3. Jaguar Love - "Georgia" from album, "Take Me To The Sea" http://www.lala.com/song/2954642830615781252/2954642847795650436

2. Walkmen - "In The New Year" from album, "You & Me" http://www.lala.com/song/937030197557917610/937030214737786794

1. The Dodos - "Fools" from album, "Visiter" http://www.lala.com/song/937030197557855008/937030214737724192

Click on each link to stream the song. More lists coming soon...


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