Monday, December 01, 2008

Sin Fang Bous - "Clangour"

Sin Fang Bous is the solo project of Sindri Mar Sigfusson from the quiet Icelandic folk band Seabear. Expanding on Seabear's polite pop folk, "Clangour" is drenched in melody and texture and dripping with experimental sounds, creating dreamy avant-garde psych-folk that resists the restraints of both pop and folk music much like Animal Collective or Grizzly Bear.

"Clangour" is an exciting album to listen to because of the anticipation of what strange sound will come next. For example, digital video game blips, a high strung beat, swelling piano and a soothing chorus make the opening track, "Advent in Ives Garden" a great introduction to the album. "Catch The Light" reels you in with it's choir of different voices, creaking keyboards, and angelic guitar strums.

Sin Fang Bous has created an experimental but very warm, melodic and accessible folk-pop album. You can buy "Clangour" now at iTunes or the physical CD release is Feb 17, 2009 on Morr Music.

Download "Catch The Light" here:

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