Monday, December 22, 2008

Show Review - The Faint at Soughtgate House

The Faint brought their brand of apocalyptic indie dance-punk to Southgate House in Newport, KY on 12/17 and the combination of their dizzying, DIY light show and the thunderous, pulsating beats and turned the night into an event instead of just another indie rock show.

They pleased the crowd instantly, starting of with well known favorites, "Agenda Suicide", "Drop Kick The Punks" and Take Me To The Hospital" as a quick 1-2-3 punch. Next, they offered up two new songs from "Fascination" with the squirming "Forever Growing Centipedes" and "Psycho". Among the highlights of the night were two tracks from "Wet From Birth", the introverted "Desperate Guys" and Paranoiattack" which relates to the state of our nation as much now as it did when the song was released in 2004. Closing out the set was an encore that included new single, "The Geeks Were Right" and the dance-inducing "Glass Danse" that had everyone moving.

I have been a fan of The Faint since 2001 when "Danse Macabre" was first released and I have been waiting to see them ever since. Sometimes, such a build up of anticipation can heighten your expectations so high that a letdown is almost inevitable, but The Faint delivered an excellent performance worthy of the wait.

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