Thursday, December 04, 2008

Baby Teeth solo projects - All City Affairs and Abraham Levitan

Baby Teeth, the wry, 70's inspired indie rock trio from Chicago have made their mark with their brand of organic Elton John meets Genesis meets Hall & Oates sound. Now two of the members are branching out into more electronic and funkier fare, each on their own. Vocalist/keyboardist Abraham Levitan with a solo album, "Speak, Memory" and "Identity Theft", the debut solo project by All City Affairs which is the brainchild of drummer/vocalist Peter Andreadis.

"Identity Theft" by All City Affairs is a slick study in modern and contemporary music, taking cues from all genres including rock, reggae, hip-hop, jazz and pop. The song "One More Shot" has a fat synth bass line and beat to go with the funky guitar and lyrics about a hipster's shallow attempt to be seen in the scene. "The End Of Loneliness" combines acoustic guitar, and an 80's synth drone with hand-clap drums. Mixing samples, hip-hop beats and live instrumentation with layers of Peter's smooth, unassuming voice, he has created a danceable album to get lost in.

"Speak, Memory" by Abraham Levitan is an eclectic mix of Technicolor soul and funky electro-pop. Abraham's signature vocal delivery, songwriting ability and keyboard prowess are all on display on the opening track, "Weekend At Home" which mostly resembles his work in Baby Teeth. Shaking things up, "Slave To Efficiency" slinks along on a bluesy electro beat with squelching keyboards and pleading vocals, asking, "Don't hate me. I'm a person,
too". Abraham has created an eccentric and fun album that will please all Baby Teeth fans.

There is not much to hate but a lot to love from both of these solo efforts. The guys from Baby Teeth prove to be very prolific as they will release a new Baby Teeth album early next year. Both "Identity Theft" and "Speak, Memory" are available now digitally on iTunes.

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All City Affairs-
"One More Shot"
"The End Of Loneliness"

Abraham Levitan-
"Weekend At Home"
"Slave To Efficiency"

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